4Media Video Cutter

4Media Video Cutter Cut video clips by setting start point and end point easily. point and end point respectively. You can clip as many video segments from one source as you want and have a real-time preview on the source and output files in the built-in media player. Almost all popular regular video formats and High Definition video formats are supported. Features: 1.Clip as many video segments as you like from one source video file just to set the start points and end points respectively. 2.Various input and output video formats

AEC Terrain 2.0: Digital Elevation Model from multiple input point files on AutoCAD.Multilevelpad
AEC Terrain 2.0

point files on AutoCAD graphic editor. All purpose multi-level pads, road alignments, mining applications and airfields can be generated on the terrain on different layers with different slope parameters for CUT and FILL The mechanism of AEC Terrain interface is very simple. As we know Terrain is representation of a surface derived from irregularly spaced special points and the Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) model represents a surface as a set

tin surface graded, terrain modeling software

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Strings edit 2.4

A library of routines designed to support consequent input (parsing) and output (formatting) of various numeric types: among them integer, floating-point, Roman, UTF-8 encoded sub-/superscript integers. Output can be aligned. Numeric get procedures support value range checks. Number bases can be from binary to hexadecimal for both input and output. Floating-point output supports both absolute and relative precision specification.

wildcards, hexadecimal, formatting, edit, case mapping, utf 8, unicode, ucs 2, base, subscript, binary, superscript, strings

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The Inventory Keeper 6.3.0

Keeper is a flexible point-of-sale invoicing system, inventory management system, and sales analysis system. It is designed to analyze the kinds of sales your shop is making as well as keep constant track of your sales, customers, suppliers and inventory. As a point-of-sale invoicing system Keeper automatically shows an inventory item’s description when you enter a stock number; a feature that can virtually eliminate price tag switching.

inventory, point of sale, inventory management, consignment, customer tracking

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CF Screensaver Editor 1.0

point editor, you can easily plot paths to control sprite movement. Choose from a variety of point effects to add fading, trails, or even animation to your individual pictures. Add background music or use sound effects at individual points to bring your screensavers to life. With CF Screensaver Editor, you get unmatched flexibility, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and time. When you`re done, you can compile yours creensaver

wizard, maker, creator, screensaver

Electronica 1.01: This is a great logic-arcade Game! Looks like piper but more interesting!
Electronica 1.01

We are happy to present you the A-class logic game! The main point is simple electric circuit is out of order, and you must assemble it.Make it faster, and you`ll get a good Time Bonus. Make it better, and it will increase your Rotation Bonus. Many points are good, and few are not bad, too! Oh, yes, the only condition is: the circuit should not make circles.

game, puzzle, arcade, logic

JCL POS 2.7: Advanced Point of Sales Management Software (Sales, Receipts, Invoices, Products

JCL POS is an application to manage all the information that is generated in a business that has a Point of Sales terminal. Clients, Reservations, Sales, Agencies, Commissions, Products, Payments, Money Exchange, Receipt, Invoice, Sale, etc.., Quickly and easily. It has several features that will make the business work much more bearable for its users. For example, has an advanced point of sales terminal.

adv pos management software, initial sales price, payments, reservations, sale, sale unfinished, sales, commissions, sale starts, agencies, cost price, products, money exchange

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